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Micro-level insights into state and local market industry growth trends

Micro-Level Data + Economist-Led Analysis & Reporting = Your Advantage

Sidecar Industry Insights Market Reports, Data Files and Consulting Services help corporate decision-makers, economic development professionals and real estate service providers & investors understand market drivers to develop better strategies, identify higher return opportunities and optimize the deployment of resources.

Why Sidecar Industry Insights


Economist-led analysis to the 6 digit NAICS code + segmentation into 3 new industry categories (Industries of Strength, Industries in Decline,
Emerging Industries) helps you understand the market and identify opportunities.


Select and evaluate the market at the local level that’s important to you, whether it’s State, Metropolitan Area or County.


Choose exactly the market
report(s) and data that you need. No annual subscription is required; enjoy updated data and analysis at a discount as it becomes available.

Are you prepared for the path ahead?

Sidecar Industry Insights, beside you for
your market research & analysis journey:

Market Reports & Data

  • Economic base & shift-share
    analysis to the 6-digit NAICS code
  • Economist-led analysis & reporting
  • Market-specific employment
    clusters and key companies
  • Ongoing updates and support

Consulting Services

  • Training on how to use Sidecar Industry Insights for your organization
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Custom Reports & Data Files
  • Targeting Support (Company
    & Contact Lists)